Historien om C-180. Hentet fra "Cessna Wings for the World”



This "overpowered" airplane was destined to become the world's most popular floatplane. With Edo 249-2870 floats installed the maiden flight was conducted by the author on August 11, 1952 from a 3-wheel floatplane dolly at McConnell AFB with a landing at Lake Afton, 20 miles west of Wichita. As in other floatplane models, the water rudder cable system fraction inhibited the free return of the air rudder during directional stability tests in the balked landing climb. Fortunately, we were able to get FAA permission to loosen the water rudder cables and lubricate the pulleys, and to convince the FAA test pilot that a complete return to straight flight upon releasing full rudder travel was unrealistic. All remaining flight characteristics were satisfactory without any changes to the airframe. Most memorable were the steeply nose-down spin attitudes and the very rapid rotational velocity. The inertia effects of the floats made the spin recoveries less prompt than in the landplane, but this was no disadvantage because we had no intention of qualifying the airplane for acrobatic spins in the utility category. Another memory was the almost vertical attitude needed in dives to achieve the required Vd speed with this high-drag floatplane configuration.

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